Vegetable Baked Eggs Potato Cakes - (Free Recipe below)

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Bubble & Squaek made in Provence
Ingredients: 4 floury potatoes - 2 small carrots (of different colours if possible) - 6 cherry tomatoes - 1 bowl full of small broccoli heads - 1 small bunch basil (both purple and green if you find them) - 2 or 3 twigs of thyme - 2 or 3 stalk of flat-leaf parsley - olive oil - eggs - salt and pepper
Cook all the vegetables separately and strain them well.
Mash the potatoes with a fork.
Halve the cherry tomatoes, slice the carrots, and cut the broccoli into pieces.
Put all the different vegetables in a large bowl with the herbs leaves, salt and pepper. Quickly mix it all.
Put a pan on medium heat with olive oil. Add the greens and sauté them. Make sure you break the mix so that the crispy parts get inside too. Pack it all to make a thick crepe. Brown it on both sides.
Serve nice and hot with a fried egg on top and some fresh basil.