Grilled Cheese Roll Up's with Marinara Dipping Sauce - (Free Recipe below)

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Whether you call them grilled cheese roll-ups or grilled cheese rolls, I think you’ll agree that they taste AMAZING!

for 6 roll-ups:

6 slices very soft, fresh white bread (crusts removed)

6 slices American cheese (such as Kraft singles)

butter for “toasting”

homemade marinara/spaghetti sauce (or your favorite store bought brand)

Using a sharp knife, carefully remove the crusts from the bread slices. Flatten each slice of bread with a rolling pin until very flat. Place a slice of American cheese on each of the flattened bread slices and roll each of these up into a tight roll. Moosh the edge of the bread to the roll to seal (you can use a couple drops of water to do this if needed.)

Heat a couple Tablespoons butter in a skillet over medium heat. Place the roll-ups in the butter once it’s barely sizzling. Using a spatula, roll the roll-ups around in the butter. Gently flip and roll until all sides are golden brown and cheese is melty.

Heat 1/4 cup of your favorite marinara/spaghetti sauce in a microwave-safe cup (covered with a napkin or paper towel) for about 30 seconds or until just warm.

Dip roll-ups in sauce! YUM!


~ Melissa & Gracie