Brie & Bacon Grilled Cheese with Fig Jam - (Free Recipe below)


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This grilled cheese is all grown up - pig and fig is a most excellent combination already, then add brie to the mix and frankly it's wondrous.  I almost used goat cheese, and I think next time I want to make bacon count in my life, I'll re-do this sandwich with that instead.  Why not?  Experimenting is fun!  The fig jam lends a sweetness to the salty smoky bacon and the creamy brie melts just sooooo, making you wonder why you don't put brie in your sandwiches more often.  I bought some delicious walnut & currant bread from my favourite bakery here in Saskatoon, then slathered it with the fig jam, layered in about 4 pieces of bacon and 3 pieces of brie.  Crack some black pepper in there too while you're at it, then butter the outside sides of bread and fry them til golden or with a teeny bit of burnt that I like on my grilled cheese.  This sandwich is a keeper - fanfare all around!