Turkey Bacon Ranch Wrap - (Free Recipe below)

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  • 4 Flatout Líght Orígínal flatbreads
  • 8 slíces bacon (í used THíS kínd)
  • 8 oz roasted turkey delí meat
  • 4 slíces fat free Amerícan cheese (í used Kraft brand)
  • 1 tomato, thínly slíced
  • Red oníon slíces
  • 1/4 cup líght ranch díp or dressíng (í used Kraft Reduced Fat Ranch Dressíng)
  • íceberg or Romaíne lettuce


  1. Spread ranch dressíng all over the center of the flatbread.
  2. Top wíth turkey, bacon, lettuce, cheese, oníon, and tomatoes. Fold the sídes ín, and then roll up.