Tea Forte Tea Tasting Assortment Collection Infusers - 6 Infusers

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Tea Forte Tea Tasting Assortment Collection Infusers - 6 Infusers 

Tea Forte Tea Tasting Assortment Collection Infusers contains the finest selection of black, green, white and herbal teas in Tea Forte's trademark pyramid infusers. Each infuser is carefully crafted from recyclable PET fibers that are gluten-free, food-safe and environmentally friendly. With a unique pyramid aesthetic and leaf-tip string, these infusers make the tea-brewing experience as elegant as it is simple. As for the tea they contain inside, there are 6 blends included:

Black Currant: Chinese black tea imbued with vibrant flavors of fresh-picked currants and blackberry leaves.
Earl Grey: Indian Assam black tea, Italian bergamot and cornflower blossoms create a bold, citrusy classic.
Jasmine Green: a profoundly fragrant synthesis of Yin Hao green tea with deftly plucked jasmine blossoms.
White Ginger Pear: rare white tea harmonized by fresh pear, citrus zest and a spicy ginger finish.
Chamomile Citron: Egyptian chamomile blossoms and rosehips, sweetened with licorice, lemongrass and mint.
Raspberry Nectar: Raspberry tea infused with tropical hibiscus, blackberry leaves and orange peel

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