Basil Infused Extra Olive Oil

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Infbasevoi - Oil
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A&A Infused Basil EVOO's ingredients are: 100% Italian Extra Virgin Olive oil & fresh organic basil. Infused naturally in small batches. No artificial color/flavor. Artisan produced & handmade packing following family traditions.

Close your eyes, inhale the aroma, you’ll be surrounded by the spectacular aroma of fresh basil. Having a bottle of this in the home is just like having fresh basil on tap all year round!

Our A&A Basil Infused Extra Olive Oil gives a sweetscented, minty aroma when poured over baked chicken, lamb, or fish.

-Drizzle some basil infused oil on your sliced tomatoes sprinkle some salt and enjoy a wonderful caprese salad!

-Stunning in pasta sauces;

-Give a whole new twist to your regular pasta dishes by tossing them with A&A Basil Infused EVOO.

They also make unique, interesting and useful gifts.

Regalo: short imported bottle with cork top. Contains 8.5 fl oz.
Nuova: long bottle. Contains 8.5 fl oz.