The Loose Leaf Tea Set - 4 Pack

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Loslefte - Tea
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The Loose Leaf brings purpose to tea. Enjoy each cup knowing you are getting many health benefits!

All Organic.

You pick any 4 teas from our shop! Just specify in "notes or flavors" which 4 teas you would like! This is such a great deal and makes a really amazing gift! Please refer to chosen tea description for ingredient list.    The Loose Leaf Organic Teas come in an airtight, container, holding 30-40 cups of tea. Also includes 1 re-usable tea bag with each tea. 1 serving of tea can be steeped twice. The Pink Rose and Green tea and Chamomile/Lavender tea can also be enjoyed in the bath tub, just double the amount shown on the label in running water, relax and enjoy!


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