Rice Krispie Treat Lollipops - Seven Included

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Rikrspcrlp - Candy
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Lose  the adult food-snobbery for a moment and allow yourself to float back to a simpler time....a time when a pile of freshly made Rice Krispie Treats elicited a cheer of **YAY* from the crowd.Simply enjoy the hard candy that is the slightly buttery, marshmallow-y, kinda' salty and just a little malty goodness that is the Rice Krispie treat.  Sprinkled with real Rice Krispies, of course.  I also add a touch of real vanilla bean to both appease the grown-ups and convince myself that I'm still a chef.  *laughing*Embrace it, Rice Krispie treats are just pure fun...they're like a hug on a stick.  These are perfect as a fun nostalgic twist on a 'retro station' at a wedding,  as a favor at a kids party.....with S'mores....really, they're just fun.Have I mentioned they're fun yet?  Summer is all about fun, don't 'cha know.

Includes 7 Lollipops - individually wrapped and tagged.  100% Groovy 1 Item = 7 pops