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Gourmet Tiramisu Lollipops - Seven Included

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Gortirmuslo - Candy
2.00 LBS
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Need a 'pick me up'  <---oh, how I crack myself up :D

Tiramisu ~ (tirami sù) means "pick-me-up" (metaphorically, "make me happy") ~ and really, what's not to love?

are many variations on this dessert, but the original consists of
ladyfingers, espresso, chocolate and sweetened mascarpone cheese....are
you swooning yet?

Mine are a creamy imported chocolate cocoa and
freshly brewed espresso candy....perfumed with a dash of real vanilla
and lightly dusted with more imported French cocoa and,
they're a fraction of the calories....wahoo!

These are perfect
tucked into picnic baskets ~ as a fun ending to an Italian-themed
event....or really anytime ~ when *wouldn't* tiramisu pops make
everything more awesome?! :P


Price will get you 7 ~ 2inch diameter pops...
*1* item = 7 pops.