Norwegian Riskrem Rice Pudding with Red Sauce

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Norwegian Riskrem Rice Pudding with Red Sauce 

Recipe - 

Especially served as the Traditional Norwegian Christmas Dessert, using leftover rice porridge and fluffy whipped cream, sugar, and vanilla.

Ingredients and Method Rice porridge and red berry cordial
180 grams short grain rice
pinch of salt
400 ml water
800 ml whole milk

Boil rice, water and salt on medium heath while stirring until the water more or less has evaporated (around 10 minutes). Lower the heath and stir in the milk and allow to simmer, stirring only now and then, for another 35-40 minutes, until the porridge has thickened. If needed, ad more milk.

Enjoy a small plate of freshly made rice porridge, served in bowls with cinnamon and sugar sprinkled on top, together with a spoonful of butter, placed to melt in the middle.

But make sure you leave enough for your rice pudding!

Ingredients & Method Rice pudding
Serves 4

3 dl double cream
2 tbs white sugar
3 dl rice porridge
Whip double cream and sugar to a white and fluffy cream. Ad carefully the rice porridge, blend it in without stirring too much. Leave to cool in the fridge, whilst you prepare the berry sauce to accompany it.

200 grams of cordial from red currant, raspberry or cherry.
Or make your own with 200 grams of frozen red berries, 1/2 dl water and 100 grams of icing sugar. Bring the mix or the cordial to the boil. This sauce should be served warm on the chilled rice pudding.



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