Jazzed Up Tuna Melt - (Free Recipe below)

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Jazzed Up Tuna Melt

1 yellow onion, sliced

1 tsp of olive oil

1 can of albacore tuna

1 heaping teaspoon of mayonnaise

Salt and Pepper

1 teaspoon of softened butter

Four slices of bread of choice

Cheddar, shredded

In a small pan, add the olive oil and sliced onion. Cook for 30 minutes, or until carmelized. Set aside.

Grab a small bowl and add the tuna, mayonniase and season with salt and pepper. Mix together.

Butter both slices of bread.  Turn bread slices, buttered side down and add the tuna, carmelized onions and cheddar.

Add sandwich to non-stick pan and heat over medium heat until bread is golden brown. Flip and cook until you get the same results: golden brown and cheese oozing out of the sides.

Slice and serve. And if you’re living dangerously, add potato chips.