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Brown Derby Pineapple Honey Bourbon Lollipops - Seven Included

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Pinbourblop - Candy
2.00 LBS
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Don't know what a Brown Derby is? Here ya go!

It's a cocktail named for the famous Los Angeles diner, the classic bourbon Brown Derby
cocktail is sweet and sour and contains grapefruit juice, honey and a
shot of bourbon, of course.

It's a delicious combination that I made a bit more 'tropical' by substituting the grapefruit juice with
pineapple and adding a piece of chewy dried pineapple on the top. 

Tangy pineapple, sweet honey and a touch of bourbon.



Price will get you 7 ~ 2inch diameter pops...
*1* item = 7 pops.

Individually wrapped, beautifully packaged