Wagyu Beef Tomahawk Steaks, 4 pieces, 30-32 oz ea

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Wagyu Beef Tomahawk Steaks, 4 pieces, 30-32 oz ea 

Wagyu Beef Tomahawk Steaks are essentially ribeye steaks with the bone left in and frenched (with the intercostal muscles removed), resulting in a classical and impressive presentation. Luscious and tender, these cuts are infused with that succulent marbling that gives Wagyu beef its amazing flavor and texture. Creamy layers of intramuscular fat melt into the meat during cooking, enhancing the meat with heavenly flavor. At Marble Score 3 on the Wagyu scale, these cuts are way more buttery than even the most tender grocery store cut.

Available as 4 steaks, chilled or frozen, in your choice of three generous sizes, all expertly hand-cut and USDA-inspected to ensure the utmost quality. Delivered with ice/cooling packs so the meat arrives at your door in perfect condition.

We source these steaks from the USA's largest distributors of Wagyu beef and other specialty meats. The Wagyu cattle come from the same purebreds that are used for Japanese Kobe, reared on the pastures of USA under humane conditions. Zero antiobiotics, hormones or chemicals.