Wagyu Beef Porterhouse Steaks, 6 of 24 oz ea

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Wagyu Beef Porterhouse Steaks, 6 of 24 oz ea

Wagyu Beef Porterhouse Steaks are as mighty, magnificent and meaty as steaks come. Essentially larger versions of the T-bone steak, each is comprised of two steaks: luxuriously tender tenderloin and robustly flavored strip, separated by a T-shaped center-bone. At a whopping 24 ounces each, these are cuts made for the most celebratory of occasions, the manliest of game nights, the beefiest of barbecues.

These steaks are made from pure 100% Wagyu beef. Famed for its exquisite flavor and ultra-tender mouthfeel, Wagyu beef is derived from the same purebred cattle as Kobe beef, but raised in USA. These cows have been selected and bred for their bounteous muscles and copious streaks of intermuscular fat. These white streaks of fat melt during cooking, infusing the meat with creamy, buttery texture and unbeatably delicious flavor. This extremely high quality of beef, combined with the Porterhouse's massive size, provide an enticing and unforgettable meat eating experience.

Buy ultra-delicious 24 oz porterhouse Wagyu beef steaks delivered overnight in temperature-secured packaging. Store in the freezer and thaw overnight in the refrigerator when ready to eat. We recommend cooking these steaks no more than medium-rare. Be wary of flare-ups if grilling (ideally, use a grill pan to collect any falling droplets of fat). A light coating of olive oil, salt and pepper can be added to the steaks before or during cooking, but be sure not to overpower that natural Wagyu flavor! 

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