Vegan Mega Burger with Seitan

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1.00 LBS
Preparation time: about an hour (+ possible marinating and grilling time)
Serves: 4 or 8 large burgers (depends on if you cut the seitan into 4 or 8 pieces)
Make the seitan steaks. After pan-frying the steaks, you can add some sliced onions onto the same pan along with some salt and pepper. Then you will have delicious pan-fried onions to serve with the burger. Make the cheese sauce too.
If you want, you can slightly grill the burger buns. Now spread some cheese sauce on the burger bun (the bottom one), add a pan-fried (and grilled, optional) seitan steak, sliced pickles and onions, grilled veggies, pan-fried onions and more cheese sauce. If you want a double burger, add another steak. Now add some lettuce and the top of the bun. Enjoy!