Impossible Foods 4 oz Vegan Plant-Based Burger - 40/Case

Impossible Foods

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Impossible Foods 4 oz Vegan Plant-Based Burger - 40/Case

Satisfy your vegetarian, vegan, and plant-forward patrons' juicy burger cravings with a hearty and delicious alternative using the Impossible Foods 4 oz. vegan plant-based burger! This signature patty looks, cooks, and tastes like a classic beef burger, but derives its protein content solely from plants. Proudly display this well-known brand on your menu, and vegan and plant-forward patrons will gladly bring their business into your establishment. The foundations of this burger are soy and potato proteins, which provide essential nutrition comparable to animal protein. But the flavor powerhouse that Impossible Foods is known for is heme, a molecule found in both plants and animals that delivers the familiar savory beef flavor that makes this product so closely comparable to traditional burgers. They produce heme by fermenting yeast, creating a rich umami that gives this burger alternative its signature flavor and appearance.

Each burger contains 19 grams of plant-based protein, leaving every customer full and satisfied when they're finished dining at your establishment. This Impossible burger can take the place of any beef burger on your menu, or can be crumbled for a delicious substitute in spicy tacos, saucy spaghetti and meatballs, or hearty chili. The preformed, 4 oz. patties are ready to cook on the grill, flat-top, or stovetop, achieving a flavorful brown crust no matter the preparation.

Impossible Foods is on a mission to save the planet with sustainable food options that eliminate the need for meat, fish, or dairy. Their plant-based burgers use 96% less land and 87% less water, and emit 89%, fewer greenhouse gases than their conventional beef burger counterparts. The ever expanding Impossible line of burger, sausage, and pork substitutes offers delicious, satisfying alternatives that deliver healthier options for your patrons and the planet.