The Staten Island Line Bagels - 1 dozen + 3 free

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The Staten Island Line Bagels - 1 dozen + 3 free

15 hand-rolled bagels just made for breakfast

We created a special breakfast assortment for New York’s most overlooked borough. First, the Apple Pie bagel, made with apples, raisins and cinnamon. This new flavor has the aroma and taste of fresh-baked apple pie. It’s perfectly balanced for savory spreads like chicken salad, or simply delicious when toasted with a little butter. 

We have another new treat, the French Toast bagel. Your eyes say bagel. Your nose says French toast. Your mouth says thank you. Everyone loves the aroma of maple syrup, so we bageled it. Try our French Toast bagel with bacon and egg, or toasted with butter.

Finally, we asked the age-old question ‘why should pancakes have all the fun?’ and crafted our Blueberry bagel, the bagel with sweet blueberries rolled in. Try it with peanut butter and jelly or cream cheese and fruit.

  • 1 dozen + 3 free with every order (15 extra large bagels total)
  • Shipped fresh to you with free overnight shipping included
  • No preservatives of any kind
  • No bromates or bromated flour; No Saturated fat or Transfat
  • Certified Star-K Kosher
  • Hand rolled and packed in a New Yorker Bagels gift box

Fresh NYC bagels