The Pelham Line Bagels - 1 dozen + 3 free

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The Pelham Line Bagels - 1 dozen + 3 free

3 Perennial Favorites Plain, Sesame & Cinnamon Raisin

Bronx is the no-nonsense borough, and this is our straight up assortment of bagels, featuring three most popular bagels in baking history – the perfect introduction to New Yorker Bagels. 

First, there is the most classic of all classics, the Plain bagel. It just goes perfectly with everything, because it's perfect. 

The Sesame bagel is another classic. Try it lightly toasted with a schmear of cream cheese, although it's also ideal for any sandwich. 

The Cinnamon Raisin bagel has a hint of yummy cinnamon and the sweet taste of plump raisins. Toast it to fill the room with that delectable cinnamon aroma.

  • 1 dozen + 3 free with every order
  • Shipped fresh to you with free overnight shipping included
  • No preservatives of any kind
  • No bromates or bromated flour; No Saturated fat or Trans fat
  • Certified Star-K Kosher
  • Hand rolled and packed in a New Yorker Bagels gift box

hand rolled NY bagels