Surf & Turf - 4 Filet Mignons & Lobster Tails

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10.00 LBS
$24.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Surf & Turf - 4 Filet Mignons & Lobster Tails by Chicago Steak Co.

There is no question when it comes to lobster tails: Chefs prefer Cold Water Lobster Tails. With that settled, these Cold Water Lobster Tails make the perfect complement to Chicago Steak's Premium Angus Beef Filet Mignons and that's what you get in this Surf and Turf Steak Duo.
Assortment Includes:

  • 4 (6oz) Premium Angus Beef Filet Mignons
  • 4 (6oz) Cold Water Lobster Tails

Since 1865 with the founding of the Union Stock Yards, Chicago has been at the heart of high-quality American meats. Chicago Steak Company proudly carries on that tradition. They specialize in hand-cut, Mid-West raised, USDA Prime beef - in short, the very best steaks your money can buy. Their steaks are sourced exclusively from Mid-West raised heritage cattle, giving them the prized tenderness, marbling, and flavor that can only come from superior growing traditions and bloodlines. The steaks are then aged for four to six weeks to develop the complexity of flavor demanded by 5-star restaurants, steakhouses, and discerning steak lovers. They raise, trim, and age their steaks using centuries-old techniques, then vacuum-seal each individually, locking in flavor and freshness.

All meats are flash frozen and shipped with dry ice for safe delivery to your door; We guarantee it!