Plantains and Skirt Steak Tacos with Peppered Pineapple Slaw - (Free Recipe below)

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Plantains and Skirt Steak Tacos with Peppered Pineapple Slaw

Creamy, savory, sweet, tangy and zesty... these tacos tickle the taste buds!


  • 2   lb. Skirt steak
  • 1/4   cup Olive oil
  • 2   Tbsp. Low-sodium soy sauce
  • 2   Tbsp. Orange or pineapple juice
  • 2   cloves Garlic, peeled and minced
  • 1   large Green onion, chopped
  • 4   Jalapeños, stemmed, seeds removed if desired, minced
  • 1   cup crushed Pineapple in juice, juice reserved, or chopped fresh pineapple with juice
  • 1/4   cup Sherry vinegar, divided
  • 2   cup thinly sliced Cabbage (red or green)
  • 1/4   Tbsp. fresh cracked Black pepper
  •   Salt and pepper, to taste
  • 1   Tbsp. Canola or olive oil, plus additional for grilling
  • 1   Red onion, peeled and sliced in ½-inch slabs
  • 2   yellow or yellow-black Chiquita® Plantains
  • 8   Corn tortillas, warmed

Instructions for:

best Chiquita Plantains and Skirt Steak Tacos with Peppered Pineapple Slaw Recipe

Place skirt steak in a large zip bag. In a blender, combine the oil, soy sauce, orange juice, garlic, green onion and half of the jalapeños. Pour over skirt steak in zip bag. Seal well and massage marinade into the meat. Marinate at room temperature for ½ hour, or in the refrigerator for up to 12 hours. Prepare the slaw by combining the pineapple, half of the sherry vinegar, cabbage, black pepper and remaining jalapeño. Salt to taste and set aside. Combine pineapple juice and olive oil in a container with lid or gallon-size zip bag. Peel the plantains and slice diagonally in ½-inch slices; add to pineapple juice-olive oil mixture; set aside. Thread the onion slabs onto parallel thin metal skewers; brush with oil and remaining vinegar and sprinkle with salt and pepper. Lightly rub grill with oil or grill-safe non-stick cooking oil and heat to medium-high heat. Place onion skewers on grill and cook for about 10 to 15 minutes, or until soft and lightly charred. Remove onions from skewers and separate into rounds; keep warm. Remove skirt steak from marinade and discard marinade. Place steak on grill and cook for about 2 to 4 minutes per side or until cooked to preference. Remove from heat, cover and let rest for 5 minutes. Add plantains to the grill and cook for about 2 minutes per side, or until tender when pierced by a fork and grill marks appear. Cut steak across the grain in thin strips. To assemble tacos, place plantains and onions on tortillas, top with steak. Use a slotted spoon to top the tacos with the peppered pineapple slaw.

Tip: For a vegetarian option use cooked black beans instead of the grilled skirt steak. Also try with grilled fish.

Nutrition Information Per Serving:


Calories 980; Total Fat 47 g (Sat 13 g, Trans 0 g, Poly 4.5 g, Mono 27 g); Cholesterol 135 mg; Sodium 490 mg; Potassium 1450 mg; Total Carbohydrates 76 g; Dietary Fiber 8 g; Total Sugars 31 g; Protein 66 g. Percent Daily Value: Vitamin A 25%; Vitamin B6 70%; Vitamin C 80%; Vitamin D 0%; Calcium 10%; Iron 45%.