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Our Signature cheese, Old Grey Mare (priced by the pound) is a versatile cheese that is delicious on a cheese plate or as an ingredient in cooked dishes. This semi-hard Toma has a smooth curd, slightly salty, creamy interior. We have made this cheese both using traditional whole Holstein cows’ milk and Jersey milk and we like it both ways.  With lower fat content we are able to age the Holstein Old Grey Mare longer lending a stronger flavor to the cheese. Old Grey Mare  is truly versatile–delicious on the cheese board, it melts very nicely and can be substituted for any milk cheese in recipes. It is nicely complimented by figs, honey, toasted walnuts for a sophisticated dessert. Old Grey Mare can be purchased by the pound or as a whole wheel. If a whole wheel is desired, please order 4 pounds.

Pairs With: Lightly Oaked Chardonnays, hoppy beers, single malt Scotches

The Old Grey Mare name recalls the Busy Bee Ferry operated by Captain James Quick on Cayuga Lake. One of the more noted ferries between King Ferry Station on the east to Kidder’s Landing on the west, Quick provided passage for traffic across the lake during the late 1800’s into the 1900’s. We have named this cheese in honor of all the horses, unnamed in historical records, who supplied power to the paddle-wheel via treadmill when wind failed.

Old Grey Mare is our base cheese with the features of a classic Italian Toma. It has a natural rind that can be trimmed or eaten. Old Grey mare serves as the base for our whole milk tomas. It is fantastic for eating out of hand or terrific in recipes.  Sold by the pound, Old Grey Mare wedges are vacuum wrapped for transit. We recommend wrapping in cheese paper at receipt for continued maximum quality. Whole wheels can be purchased.