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4.00 LBS
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Song, (4-5 lb. wheels or as 1 lb. wedges) builds on our characteristic Toma with the addition of whole Juniper berries. The creamy curd is subtly scented and flavored with cedar; at bite into the whole berry brings a zingy, astringent taste. In the Italian alpine region where our cheese has its origins, this cedar scented berry is used, both fresh and dried, to give a sharp, clear flavor to meat dishes, wild birds, and game dishes. Juniper is commonly used to flavor Gin, beer, and sodas of the region. We like to use this Toma as a unique choice on our cheese plates; we especially like it with smoked salmon and game sausages.

Pairs with: Dessert or Ice wines

Named after Song Mountain (next to Sue’s House), This cheese is inspired by alpine flavors and scenery–you can almost hear the swooshing of skis!

Song builds on our characteristic Toma with the addition of whole Juniper berries. This natural rind cheese is ready at two months but the flavor of the berries meld into the curd better after 6 months. It has a semi-hard texture, like that of a Havarti, great for slicing. Sold by the pound, Song wedges and wheels are vacuum wrapped for transit. We recommend wrapping in cheese paper at receipt for continued maximum quality. Whole wheels weighing 4 to 5 pounds can be purchased.