Norwegian Gravlax Salmon Trout Superior - Sliced 2.2 lbs


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Norwegian Gravlax Salmon Trout Superior - Sliced 2.2 lbs

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A rare delicacy that originated in Scandinavia, this Norwegian gravlax is cured using a special dill, sugar, and herbs mixture that is rubbed into the prime . The mix is removed, the now intensely flavored salmon filleted and cleaned, with a characteristically earthy and fresh flavor. Gravlax is amazing served with just simple toasted bread and creme fraiche or a rich cream cheese to offset the dill's intensity, for a perfect appetizer or sandwich. Taste it on a classic breakfast bagel, or cook it into a quiche or savory tart.

Our Nowegian Gravlax comes from Oterfjord trout, and it's known as Fjord Trout. It's farmed in the island of Osteroy, in the pristine fjords of West Noway. A type of fast-growing rainbow trout, this is a member of the Salmonidae family. Our farmed Fjord trout eat a varied, well-formulated diet and live in a strictly controlled environment on glacial waters fed by the Artic currents and glacial melts. The plant is filled with pure mountain water that comes straight for the glacier, rich in natural minerals from the sediments and loaded with oxygen - perfect for the fish, which develop a deep red color and a wonderful flavor that's so unique to the fjord trout. Fossen uses selective breeding and never genetically modifies their fish, and has fun traceability and certification of the feed and everything that goes into the process.

Flavor and texture-wise, Fjord trout is almost impossible to tell apart from salmon, and delivers the same nutrition - and a wealth of Omega 3 fatty acids to boot, with a firmer texture than salmon which makes it particularly ideal for smoking and marinating. This intense Gravlax is made in the traditional way - the fillets are cured with salt, sugar, pepper and dill, and left to marinade for 72 hours, turning and inspecting in the process, until the perfect balance of sweet and salty is developed, with that fresh dill flavor that's so characteristic of this specialty.

Ingredients: Norwegian Fjord Salmon, dill, salt, sugar, black peppercorns. Mustard & dill sauce: Mustard (Mustard seed, vinegar, sugar, salt, spices), veg