Fontina Valle d'Aosta DOP Cheese

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Fontina Valle d'Aosta DOP Cheese

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 Vallet Pietro is a family producer of Fontina, located high in the alps, at the intersection of France, Switzerland and Italy. This classic alpine cheese is made from raw cow's milk and aged for 3 months. The original "fonduta" melter, this cheese has kept many an alpine skier satisfied. Nuanced flavors of grass, hay and hazelnuts make for a perfect melting cheese. But keep in mind, this washed rind cheese is so flavorful, it can be enjoyed as is!

Most of the Fontina in the Valle d’Aosta is produced using milk from cows that consume only approved dry feed 365 days a year because of the limited opportunities for field grazing (due to the extreme weather conditions inherent to the area). The dry feed is evaluated and approved by the Fontina Valle d’Aosta Cooperative and has allowed for consistent year- long production.

This Fontina Valle d’Aosta, however, is made with milk from the cheesemaker’s brother’s herd of cows (Pezzola Rossa Montebianco, Pezzola Black, La Castana and Valdostena breeds). The cows graze on fresh natural grasses. Their diet produces a cheese with more subtle flavors and the aromas of the valley.

Production does not involve high heat and this protects the natural enzymes and produces a cheese with subtle flavors. All of the cheese is salted by hand. For the last 15 days, each wheel is treated to the "affinage" process. This involves putting the wheels in their own underground cave with a stone floor which they pour water over to create humidity. This helps with the rind development and improves the flavor of the cheese.

  • Made from unpasteurized cow's milk.
  • We cut and wrap this cheese, by hand, from a 19 lb. wheel.