Fontina, Apple, Honey Grilled Cheese - (Free Recipe below)


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Fontapgrilch - Recipe
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Fontina, Apple, Honey Grilled Cheese

for 1 sandwich

1/2 an apple – I really love a crisp green apple in this, but I only had some galas at the cottage.  You could also sub in a pear.

2 slices grainy, nutty, rustic bread, buttered

1/2 a round good quality washed rind cheese, like Taleggio, Fontina, Reblochon

2 tsps honey, pref organic

2 tblsps toasted walnuts, broken up

dash salt and pepper


Slice up your cheese.  Thick or thin, depending on how much goo you prefer.  Take 1 slice of your buttered bread and layer on cheese.  Cover with other slice of bread and place in pan like you were going to make a grilled cheese.  Toast over medium heat until cheese begins to melt.


Flip over and continue to toast other side.  Toss in walnuts so they can toast at the same time.  Once toasted, break up.


Once your ‘grilled cheese’ is done, remove from heat and pull apart.  Cheese should be melted and gooey and come apart easily.


Add sliced apples and toasted walnuts.  Drizzle with honey.  Add dash of salt and fresh cracked pepper.  Your done!  Pure deliciousness.  Cut in half and serve immediately.  This is also superb served with a frosty beer.  Try it!