Farmland Foods Gold Medal 8 oz. Black Angus Burgers - 20/Case


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Farmland Foods Gold Medal 8 oz. Black Angus Burgers - 20/Case

Satisfy even the most avid meat-lovers with rich and juicy Farmland Foods Gold Medal 8 oz. black angus burgers. Black angus beef is best know for its superior marbling, indicating that the ratio of fat and muscle is well balanced. This ensures that every bite of every patty is consistently tender, whether cooked medium-rare or well done. This quality meat makes for juicy, mouthwatering burgers with an unforgettable sizzle, heat, and robust flavor. They pair perfectly with crisp greens or melted cheese on a grainy roll or smooth and soft bun. Plus, the uneven, natural shape of each burger adds the perfect, trendy touch to any menu.

Great for cooking on a charcoal grill, flat top grill, stove-top, or in an oven, these burgers ensure delicious versatility. Since the 8 oz. size is ideal for making large, half pounder entrees, you can use these patties to create tried-and-true or creative, specialty sandwiches that are sure to quickly become one of your most popular orders!

With a dedication to quality, Farmland uses the best, freshest meats and hard working employees to achieve their success in the foodservice industry. With a desire to continue to be a name customers can trust, they are committed to serving their community both through superior products and through tireless work with local charitable organizations. When looking for food that provides excellent flavors, bring Farmland to your kitchen to serve high quality products to your guests.