Cotton Candy Carnival Gourmet Lollipops - Set of 8 Large


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Cotcanhops - Candy
2.00 LBS
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There aren't many things more nostalgic than cotton candy. Capturing the taste of light and fluffy freshly spun sugar, this lovely blue and pink swirled confection will take you back in time to a childhood filled with circuses and county fairs. And, if you missed out on circuses and county fairs as a child, now's your chance to experience a little slice of youthful bliss. 

These are perfect for birthday parties, carnival and circus themed events, wedding dessert tables, gender neutral baby showers, or just for cotton candy lovers in general. We can color them as pictured or do a solid color.

We can match the ribbon to your event. These are handmade in small batches. Each set comes in our exclusive Luxe Lollies box.

These are made to order. For large orders (50+) we require 2 week's notice. If you need to rush an order, message us and we'll see what we can do.