Chocolate Cheese Collection

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For a fun twist on the classic after dinner cheese plate, we’ve chosen three of our favorite cocoa-kissed cheeses for this darling assortment. Complete with cacao nib crosini crackers, this is a delightful and whimsical way to surprise your partner for a romantic and novel indulgence. This assortment includes:

  • Chocolate Capri Log by Westfield Farm: If the notion of a semi-sweet chocolate goat cheese appeals to you, you will positively fall in love with this new creation from Westfield Farm in Vermont. Fresh goat cheese is blended with bittersweet Venenzuelan chocolate. (6 oz)
  • Carr Valley Cocoa Cardona: Made from 100% goat's milk, this cheese is aged and rubbed with cocoa. Owned and operated by the Cook family, Carr Valley has celebrate over 100 years of exceptional cheesemaking. (7.5 oz)
  • Wensleydale with Chocolate and Orange: The classic combination of chocolate and orange lends allure to this fresh, creamy, traditional Wensleydale blend made from cow's milk. Entwined with both milk and dark chocolate bits and candied orange peel for an enchanting, innovative flavor. (7.5 oz)
  • Tart Cherry and Cacao Nib Crostini: This thin crisp toast has a classic flavor combination of dried cherries, almonds and cacao nibs, giving it a sweet, slightly chocolate flavor. Lightly sprinkled with crystal sugar, this pan forte is a great match with creamy goat cheese. (5 oz)

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