Chocolate Caramel Swedish Cookies

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Chocolate Caramel Swedish Cookies by Unna Bakery
Growing up in Östersund in Jämtland in the north of Sweden, Ulrika Pettersson learned to bake cookies from her grandmother. Grown up, she became a graphic designer in Stockholm, got married, had children and decided to move to Brooklyn, NY. In the US she decided to make a go of doing what she loved the most, baking, and we are very glad she did! Her cookies are hand made, elegant and use few and high quality ingredients that are mostly organic. She produces her traditional Swedish cookies in Harlem at Hot Bread Incubator.
Unna Bakery (Unna means "to indulge oneself") is inspired by Ulrika's love of cookies and the Swedish cookie culture. The fika is a Swedish coffee break. Since the late 1800s, the Swedes have had a tradition, originally strictly for women, known as kafferep, or "coffee party." The hostess would serve sju sorters kakor or "seven kinds of cookies. " If she served more, the hostess would be seen as showy, less was seen as stingy. Ulrika found inspiration for Unna Bakery’s graphic identity from these traditional coffee gatherings, which always include lace tablecloths and flowers on the table. "The logo has its origin in old stamps for porcelain," she says."
We are pleased to offer Ulrika's Swedish cookies and enjoy our own fika with these addicting treats. Ulrika's Chocolate Caramel Cookie has rich cacao flavor and is topped with Nib sugar. Loved by all ages.
Ingredients: Organic flour, sugar, organic butter, organic cacao, vanilla, baking powder, organic egg yolks & nib-sugar. 3.4 oz
Each pack contains 8 Chocolate Caramel cookies.