Chambord Chocolate Caramels - 1/2 lb

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Chmbcarml - Caramel
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My chocolate? 70% Imported Dark. That's really awesomely dark.

My caramel? Slowly Hand-Stirred in small batches to fully develop its depth and richness.

My Liqueur of Choice? Chambord. Blackberry and vanilla with a touch of honey.

Not sure what Chambord is? Have a look!

Chambord Black Raspberry Liqueur (pronounced: [ʃɑ̃.bɔʁ]) is modeled after a raspberry liqueur produced in the Loire Valley of France during the late 17th century. The liqueur was said to have been introduced to Louis XIV during one of his visits to the Château de Chambord.

Dark Chocolate and Chambord are a delicious, utterly classic pairing.

As much as I love to play with flavors, the classics are where it all begins. I know when to just leave well enough alone....

This combination is not something to be toyed with or improved upon; it is already simply perfect and perfect in its simplicity.

In addition to the chocolate and Chambord Liqueur, a touch of real vanilla bean and a sprinkling high-quality pink Himalayan salt are all I add to my slowly stirred, whole cream, whole butter caramel.

Always in perfectly good taste, you can't go wrong with this.


Price gets you 1/2 lb of freshly made caramel candies, individually wrapped and boxed ~ tied with pearlized raffia they're ready for gifting if you can stand to part with them!

1 Item = 1/2 lb (8oz) caramel ~ about 12ish pieces or so...