Carameleño Jalapeño Honey Caramel

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Carhonjap - Candy
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We love to spice up our act and we just added a new addition to our family of flavors. 
Spicy flavorful Jalapeno Honey Caramel.

Desert Wild Flower Honey,  Organic Cream, Organic Butter,  Sea of
Cortez Salt, Our own blend of Organic Vanilla extract and of course
naturally grown here in Arizona Jalapeno peppers.)

Caramel with a
punch of southwestern spice...this is one of Tom's favorites..well
really the last one he ate is his good.

Heat: 3-6 - The jalapeño's medium heat warms your mouth just enough to enjoy the flavor.
As always we don’t use refined sugar, preservatives, coloring or anything artificial of any kind –ever.

Wake your taste buds up with this sweet and spicy caramel.

Untamed Confections uses only natural ingredients from sustainable harvesting and 100% recycled packaging.

You receive 3.2 oz  of delicious caramel cut into two bars.

  • Handmade item


  • Materials: raw honey, organic cream, organic butter, organic vanilla, Sea of Cortez Salt


  • Made to order