BBQUE Rubs Variety Pack - Mediterranean, Cappuccino, Chorizo & Bavarian

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BBQUE Rubs Variety Pack - Mediterranean, Cappuccino, Chorizo & Bavarian


"BBQUE Rubs"

Do you love surprises? Are you inquisitive and enjoy trying out something new? With the "Cappuccino Rub", we have a blend of spices for the adventurers among you. Everyone can do classic, but those who would like to indulge in a completely new flavour experience, simply have to try our "Cappuccino Rub": Coffee with milk, a seductive hint of caramel and, rounding it off, a delicate smoky aroma. Yes, sure, somehow it does sound a little bit crazy – and it is: a completely crazy flavour fills your mouth, totally unexpected and yet so delicious and innovative that we possibly have to add a "Careful, risk of addiction" label to the glass jar.

Needless to say, we must also include this classic: the "Mediterranean Rub" perfectly complements lamb, fish or chicken. But let's be honest: with this little all-rounder, you can even add that special something to vegetables or your soups and dips. Thyme, marjoram and oregano provide the classic Mediterranean flavour and intensive aroma that will have your mouth watering. Classics, yes – but we do it with the extra BBQUE zing! Because it goes without saying that we have worked on the recipe for as long as it took to turn the tried-and-tested classic into a well-known, yet new and exciting, mix. And regardless of whether you simply rub it straight onto your meat or add a dash of oil to it to make a marinade: the application is so easy and yet so effective that it will be your favourite guest at the next BBQ party.

Hola! When the Bavarians encounter the Spanish, this is not only exciting from the football perspective – in the kitchen, our "Chorizo Rub" guarantees plenty of passion and exciting moments of pure enjoyment. With paprika, chorizo sausage, sesame and chilli flakes, we add the flavour of Spain to everything you enjoy barbecuing . And it tastes excellent: slightly sweet with a delicate hint of hotness, your meat will be the talk of the town with your guests. But psssst: don't tell them how easy it is to create these culinary flavour explosions! Because, also with our "Chorizo Rub", the following applies: Open the glass jar, rub on the content - done!