Banana Walnut Cookies - One Dozen

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Go Banana!

These cookies are a twist on the classic chocolate chip cookie. Made with banana, they are super moist and soft. Perfect with milk.

You will get twelve 2.5"-3" cookies made fresh when you order, wrapped in parchment and placed lovingly inside a food-safe gift box. Mailed Priority to ensure it stays fresh.

"Delicious is an understatement! So wonderful and quick delivery! I was very impressed by how soft and moist the cookies were after being shipped across the country! Will buy from again!"

"The Banana Walnut Chocolate Chip Cookies are delicious.They are nice and soft, like little mini cakes, perfect for snacking on the go. Yummy!"

  • Handmade item


  • Materials: flour, bananas, walnuts, butter


  • Made to order