Yule Log Cake Bûche de Noël

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Yule Log Cake Bûche de Noël

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Get your hands on the best yule log! 

You’ll be the talk of the town when you serve this traditional Christmas cake.

The tradition of the Yule Log began when a log was burnt on the hearth to mark the first twelve days of Christmas.

Today, yule logs tend to come in the more edible form of a chocolate-flavoured cake decorated in rich buttercream, which is marked to resemble tree bark.

Unsurprisingly, this decadent treat proves popular with kids and adults alike and makes a chocolatey alternative to traditional Christmas cake or pudding.

The holidays are a time to enjoy elegant and sweet Christmas treats like Bûche de Noël, which is a traditional French dessert. We create a rich chocolate sheet cake and frost it with sweet coffee cream filling. It's then rolled up like a cinnamon roll and layered with rich chocolate icing.