Winter Solstice - Gingerbread Lollipop - Includes 7


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Ginwisol - Lollipop
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Materials: cane sugar, vanilla, orange zest, pan toasted almonds, pecans, chopped dates, ginger, brandy, vietnamese cinnamon, cello bags, ribbons, lollipop sticks Gingerbread inspired....perfect year round!  :D  ~ Especially for 'classic' weddings as fruitcake is (and has been) the classic wedding cake. --------Flavor wise:  Think warm gingerbread with toffee sauce....Pure Vanilla, Orange Zest, Pan Toasted Almonds, Pecans, Chopped Apricots and Dates ~ a splash of Brandy, a bit of ginger and a sprinkle of Vietnamese Cinnamon round it all out....Topped with a bit of 23K edible gold dust ~ for a bit of fabulous-ness.awesome =)

Includes 7 ~ 2inch diameter pops... *1* item = 7 pops.