Ultimate Snack Gift Basket

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Ultimate Snack Gift Basket

We know what it's like to crave a snack and how frustrating it can be when nothing in your house seems to satisfy. Well, with this Ultimate Snack Gift, those days are over. It's a delicious assortment of flavors and textures that's great to share - or not. All tied up inside a medium task basket with our exclusive Stonewall Kitchen printed ribbon, this gift is ready to give. Enjoy!
  • A huge variety of delicious snacks

Made in USA

Roasted Garlic Onion Jam (13 oz.), Red Pepper Jelly (13 oz.), Old Farmhouse Chutney (8.5 oz.), Honey Mustard Dip (9 oz.),Mango Lime Salsa (16 oz.), Dipping Pretzels (6 oz.),Roasted Garlic Crackers (5 oz.), Sea Salt Crackers (5 oz.),Ultimate Bar Mix (28 oz.), Cheddar Asiago Cheese Sticks (4 oz.), Chocolate Beach Stones (13.6 oz.), Yellow Tortilla Chips (7.5 oz.)