Triplet of Artisan Spice Blends


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Herspgifs - Spice
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Materials: spice, fair trade, herbs, organic, veggies, beeswax, small farm, onion, sea salt, chives, dill, curry, tomato

Simply Gorgeous Edible Gift Set for Christmas - Choose any three Made with Love Artisan Spice Blends. 100% natural, these adorable 4.5 oz medi size glass bottles are hand dipped in natural small farm beeswax & comes nestled in our signature eco gift box with gorgeously green dried flowers, twigs, hearts, herbs and spices & 100% recycled fibre kraft tissue & note card. Please add your personal message with your purchase & we will ship directly to the ones you love.
Our Medi size 4.5oz /5 recipe bottle will make 20, "10 minute" pasta bowl dinners with a rich gorgeous real cream sauce (dairy or coconut) or a decadently divine clear sauce. Gluten-free, Vegan, Raw and Dairy-free recipe options provided.

Made with Love Artisan Spice Blends Master the Art of Simple Gourmet Cooking! Just mix 2 Tbsp Spice Blend with a few fresh ingredients and Voila!
Tell all your friends " I made it myself - its Made with Love".
Follow along with our "Simple Seven Recipes" to make Magic Meals in minutes:
Roasted Oven Dinner Risotto or Whole Grain Hot Pot Gourmet Pasta & Sauce - Creamy or Clear - regular or gluten free! Magic 5 Minute Stir-fry or Skillet Dinner Delectable Dip or Spread - dairy or vegan Creamy or Vinaigrette Salad Dressing Marinade or Grill Rub
Sprinkle on soups, salad, veggies, chicken, meat, fish, tofu, eggs, potatoes, sauces, pasta, pizza, bread, chili or on the barbeque as a BBQ grill rub all summer long! Feed yourself and your loved ones very well, while simultaneously nourishing self with calm simplicity and ease.