Spicey Peach Syrup


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Spripesy - Syrup
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  • Materials: Peaches, Sugar, lemon juice, Crushed Red Pepper, Cinnamon

With crushed red pepper and cinnamon, this is such a unique flavor combination. Probably one of the most interesting things you will ever eat.
You know it’s hot outside when you see Peaches at the Farmer's Market. And what better way to cool you off than a cocktail, ice tea, over ice cream, pancakes, and even as a glaze for your pork loin, ham, or chicken than this SPICEy Peach Syrup!
Each jar is 8oz and will last for up to a year in your pantry and 1 month in your refrigerator once opened...But after tasting it, I'm sure it won't be around for long.