Soft Pistachio Chocolate Chip Cookies - 2 Dozen

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Sopisch - Cookies
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For a pistachio lover, these cookies can't get any better. Soft and not-too-sweet, these buttery beauties are chock full of pistachio. They're ground into the dough itself, they're chopped and loaded inside the cookies, they're crushed and sprinkled on top!
These cookies boast a mildly sweet, slightly salty roasted pistachio flavor, offset delicately by bittersweet chocolate chips and baked up soft and tender. They're pillowy and rich, and perfect for satisfying that craving for something elegant.
You can choose the flavor of your chips, or opt for no chips at all if you're a minimalist.
Each order contains 24 freshly baked cookies, made fresh just for you.

::: Each order of cookies is baked in small batches and hand-cut. Slight variations will occur due to the unique quality of each cookie.
::: Cookies do not require refrigeration. They stay fresh up to 7 days at room temperature, in an airtight container. I do not recommend freezing.