Smoked Salmon Sampler Gift Set


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Smoked Salmon Sampler Gift Set 

Smoked Salmon Sampler Gift Set Includes:
  • 4.0 oz, Scottish Gravlax Salmon
  • 4 oz, Norwegian Balyk Cut Smoked Salmon Trout
  • 8.0 oz, Scottish Smoked Salmon - Hand-Sliced - Kosher
  • 36 piece pack, Mini Blinis
  • 8 oz, Creme Fraiche
  • 3.5 oz, Capers in Vinegar

Discover the world of smoked salmon with our Smoked Salmon Sampler Gift Set. Our sampler includes all you need to make delicious smoked salmon appetizers: three varieties of our best smoked salmon, each selected for its distinct flavor profile, paired with a pack of fresh Russian-style mini blini and a container of velvety creme fraiche. The perfect smoked salmon gift set for the foodie, for a sophisticated brunch or to add to a gourmet food gift basket.

Scottish Smoked Salmon - Hand-Sliced - Kosher:Divine smoked salmon from Scotland, mildly smoky and with subtle hints of Sherry.

Gravlax Smoked Salmon: slices of premium Scottish salmon is marinated in a mixture of sugar, salt, and dill. This mix is hand-rubbed into the flesh, then the salmon is slowly smoked for a fresh, and ultimately unique flavor.

Balyk Smoked Salmon: The skinless tenderloin fillet of the salmon, smoked using the finest oak wood, mild and exquisitely buttery.