Sharp Australian Cheddar Cheese Spread - Old Croc - Original or Bacon & Jalapeno

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Sharp Australian Cheddar Cheese Spread - Old Croc - Original or Bacon & Jalapeno

Old Croc


Tangy, savory and smooth, Sharp Spreadable Cheddar Cheese delivers everything one hopes for yet rarely finds in a spreadable cheese. This is, simply, excellent Sharp Cheddar Cheese in a versatile, creamy format, just begging to be spread on pretzels, crackers, burgers, sandwiches and much more. This tasty snack comes from Old Croc, which makes bold cheeses that reflect the pioneering spirit of Australia itself. Their cows range free on pasture and produce rich, flavorful milk that is the starting point of Old Croc’s meticulous cheesemaking process. Master cheesemakers evaluate every batch and grade each cheese three times to ensure quality and flavor. Available in Original and Bacon & Jalapeno.

The Australian dairy farmers who started Old Croc Cheese can precisely trace the lineage of their own cows—and, indeed, of all the cows on their continent—to the nation’s founding in 1788. That year, 11 British ships arrived in New South Wales and established the country as a penal colony. This First Fleet brought seven cows and two bulls, all of which escaped into the bush. Six years later, settlers found a herd of 60 cows, started milking them and created the new colony’s vibrant dairy industry. 

Old Croc Sharp Spreadable Cheddar Cheese is made from pasteurized cow’s milk.