Rosie’s Robiola - Boxcarr Cheese - per lb.

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rosie’s robiola

These are our best-of-both-worlds Robiolas. A clean, dry rind protects a slightly chalky but silky interior that is both luscious and zingy. Depending on our dairies’ availability, we sometimes make this cheese using all cow’s milk, but sometimes add a little bit of goat’s milk to the recipe. Check the label to see which you’re getting!

A delectable mix of Old and New World with cow and goat milk. Rosie’s Robiola is a zingy washed rind cheese, featuring a chalky, lactic-set center, a gooey interior rind, and a chewy exterior. Cedar Grove, NC’s Boxcarr Cheese sources from both Holstein and Jersey cow milk, along with Alpine, Nubian, and Sannen goat milks.