Provolone Piccante Cheese - 10 Months - 1 lb

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Provolone Piccante Cheese - 10 Months - 1 lb

 Italy - Caseificio Montorso

A sharp version of the classic Provolone cheese, Provolone Piccante is made in the same way as regular provolone, from cow's milk cheese, using a pulled curd method that's similar to mozzarella. Known as pasta filata or “stretched out” curd, Provolone Piccante is left to age and mature, in this case 10 months. The aged provolone cheese develops a great spiciness and sharpness, with that classic saltiness and full-bodied milky flavor.

Unlike American Provolone cheese, which is soft and more “deli” like, Italian Provolone Piccante is drier and, saltier, and much more flavorful. It’s perfectly suitable for grating, so feel free to grate over pizzas, pannini, or grilled cheese. It’s great for melting – grating makes it even easier to melt – so incorporate it to cassserolles, baked potatoes, fondue, pasta, and risotto. In Argentina, this type of cheese is used in a grilled “provoleta”, a melted, golden-crusted Provolone disc that’s melted on the hot grill.

Ingredients: Milk, salt, rennet.