Organic Whole Durum Wheat Pasta - various noodle shapes available

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Organic Whole Durum Wheat - various noodle shapes available
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Organic Whole Durum Wheat - various noodle shapes available

Now priced as regular durum semolina: a “whole” new story
Don’t fear the whole wheat! We use a “semolato” durum wheat flour (milled with an extraction rate of 80% and above). This translates into earthy deep flavors and a great mouthfeel without compromising nutrition.
Available pasta shapes:

Our organic whole durum wheat flour comes predominantly from the Rocky Mountains region of the US (Montana and, in minor quantities, Colorado and Utah) and is a blend of different flours. We use a semi-refined “semolato” of durum wheat (around 80-85%), that allows the full, earthy flavor of the whole grain to come through without the harsh bitterness and texture associated with whole wheat.

The word “whole” refers to the fact that all of the grain (germ and endosperm) is used and nothing is lost in the process of making the flour. This is in contrast to white, refined flours that contain only the endosperm–the internal part of the grain–which is rich in starches and proteins. Because the whole flour contains the remains of all of the grain, it has a more textured, brownish appearance.