Omega Buns - Sandwich Buns GF, Keto - Variety 4 Pack

Omega Bun

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Omega Buns - Sandwich Buns GF, Keto - Variety 4 Pack 


The Omega Bun is a one of a kind sandwich bun! This revolutionary sandwich bun is made with: NO grains NO sugar NO dairy NO soy NO nuts ONE net carb!

Omega Buns are the perfect bun for any health conscious lifestyle including Keto, Paleo, Low Carb, Clean-Eating, Gluten Free, and Allergen Free.

Omega Buns are a fantastic source of fiber, protein and Omega 3s.

Omega Buns are available in 3 different varieties: Original, Sesame Topped or Chia Topped. Buns should be sold/stored frozen and will last for 18 months or more!

Made in United States of America