Nueskes Spiral Sliced Bone-In Ham with Honey Glaze - 7 lb

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Nueskes Spiral Sliced Bone-In Ham with Honey Glaze - 7 lb

It’s a common misperception that all hams are created equal. If they were, they’d be as unforgettable as our Honey Glazed Ham.

From the warm, sweet honey fragrance to the smoky, Applewood flavor, this pre-sliced ham is undeniably the most succulent, tender ham you will ever taste.

Just ask Ladies Home Journal who awarded it one of America’s Best. Or the Specialty Food Association where it earned the prestigious Silver Award for superior quality. And we’re pretty sure Wisconsin State Fair-goers are still talking about how it earned the coveted Seal of Excellence.

Using our spiral slicing technique, this ham is cut down to, and around, the bone for perfectly uniform slices. Arrives fully cooked and ready to serve at room temperature. But you’ll want to gently warm it to fill your home with that incredible sweet honey fragrance. Not a water-added product.