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Norwegian Smoked Salmon by Local Abundance

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Norwegian Smoked Salmon by Local Abundance

This fresh Norwegian Salmon is cold-smoked in small batches for 12 hours over an open firewood burning kiln using imported beech wood from Norway. The salmon has a clean, deep flavor, which is wonderfully rich with a fantastic smoky finish.


Local Abundance was founded on the simple philosophy that products that are good for you, are raised and harvested humanely, contain no artificial preservatives or additives, and are all from sustainable sources can also be the finest tasting products available on the market today. Local Abundance selects only the finest quality, all natural, fresh fish from sustainable sources. From Yakutat, Alaska and Portland, Maine to the small village of Urk in the Netherlands, their fish come to us fresh from small sustainable fisheries. Sustainability is the most important part of our business. And when it comes to fish, we search for independent boats that often fish with hook and line rather than nets. These small suppliers help Local Abundance to insure that every fish that they sell is positively fresh and of the highest quality. We think you'll agree that the difference is in the taste. 4 oz

* Due to their highly perishable nature, please do not add smoked fish to gift baskets.