Nitro Cold Brew Tea-Hibiscus - 4 Can Case

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We've been tea-sing this for a while: A mythical, refreshing beverage, capable of quenching the giantest of thirsts, calming the nerviest of nerves, and tasting the deliciousiest of delicious. Guys. IT'S HERE! NITRO TEA! COLD BREWED!

The rumors, the myths, the legends: they were all true.

Our Nitro Cold Brewed Hibiscus Tea is a flavor explosion of berries, floral sweetness, a touch of tart lemon and tropical fruit punch (Punchy would approve!). The slight nudge of carbonation brings out the natural sweetness in the tea, and does a little dance on your tongue--we encourage you to dance, as well. Will this can of goodness transport you to a secluded beach somewhere? Not literally. Will it remind you that you'd really enjoy being on a beach right about now? Hell yes.

Available in 4 packs. 16 oz cans. Caffeine Free.