Martha Stewart Weddings Winter - Caramel Apple Caramels - 1/2 Pound


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You know how awesome caramel apples are?  <---Hells yeah!  :D
But do you also know how 'too sweet' the caramel can be sometimes?  <--Boo!
I assure you that's *NOT* the issue with these candies!
These are 100% caramel-apple awesomeness ~ Plus, I think their ratio of 'caramel to apple' is just perfect *wink*
My fabulous, slow-cooked, hand-stirred caramel is layered with organic dried apple slices ~ rounded out with a generous splash of *Calvados* French apple brandy and *real* vanilla bean. 
This is caramel apple for grown-ups.
Fabulous for any 'harvest' party ~  As wedding favors ~ A favorite teacher or hostess gift ....or just for eating ~ 'cause they rock. 
Martha thinks so...check these caramels out in the Winter edition of Martha Stewart Weddings, on sale 12/24! 
***My caramels can also be sold in bulk for event favors, please inquire for minima and pricing**

Price gets you 1/2 lb of freshly made caramel candies, individually wrapped and boxed ~ tied with pearlized raffia they're ready for gifting if you can stand to part with them!