Lollipop of the Month Club - 6 months package

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Lolmocl - Candy
2.00 LBS
$2.95 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
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We'll send you (or a special person of your choice) a set of 7 lollipops per month for a period of 6 months. Each month, we will create a lollipop that is inspired by the seasons and current flavor trends. The lollipops will arrive beautifully packaged by the 15th of each month (or whenever you'd like them to arrive). If you are purchasing as a gift, we can include a custom message in the first order. With lollipops and shipping combined, you will save $2.40 when compared to the cost of ordering 6 separate batches. Feel free to mention any allergies, favorites or dislikes that you have and we will accommodate the best that we can. We can also do kid friendly flavors. 7 2½ inch diameter lollipops (much larger than your average lollipop- see last photo for approximate size). These are handmade in small batches that yield only 7-9 lollipops